Oct 06

Rant & Rave

Round 1

November 12th, 2016 at 7pm at Sal’s Restaurant


“Proof that LA fosters dazzling wits… original, enrapturing, and deeply relateable” – Culture Spot LA


Rant & Rave: a production of Rogue Machine Theatre. An ongoing art project where prose finds voice.

We take a group of vocal LA writers, give them a topic and a time limit. It’s an evening of cathartic thinking by some of the most dangerous minds in the city.

A curated and uncensored show, now in its seventh season, Rant & Rave was conceived by John Pollono and Roxanne Hart.  The monthly live show at Rogue Machine Theatre is hosted by Ron Bottitta and is podcast weekly.  Listen here.

Rant & Rave – The Melrose Bellow Edition features highlights from this season.

Orlando Bishop on Justice

Ava Bogle on Sabotage

Carlos Foglia on Propaganda

Tracie Lockwood & Jennifer Pollono (tandem rant) on Media

Produced by John Pollono & Sara Fenton

Podcast Produced by Dan Goodman

Performer Bios:



Tracie Lockwood is an actress, voice over artist, mother of three and founding member of Rogue Machine. This past year you may have seen her onstage as a sad, republican lesbian from Idaho in A Permanent Image, a sad (probably republican) drunk from Idaho in Pocatello or a republican (sometimes drunk) senator’s wife in Church and State.  She is a liberal from California who is only slightly tipsy.


Jennifer Pollono and Tracie Lockwood are both actresses, mothers and founding members of Rogue Machine.  Contrary to popular belief they are not the same person. They are not married to nor do they sleep with each other’s husbands, though they do sometime tote around each other’s small children.


Orlando Bishop is currently in Post Production on his feature debut as a director, Fight Your Way Out. He is a screenwriter, a stand up comic, an essayist, in a word –  a storyteller.


Carlos Foglia is a designer for ESPN, a staff writer for White Eagle Productions and an Editorial Fellow for Upworthy. He is a new citizen from Boston via Argentina. He also acts, makes music, paints and other pipe dreams.

Twitter: @LACarlos

Instagram: @LACarlos

Website: rasenfalcon.co


Ava Bogle is a writer/producer/actor/director and sex blogger at DiaryofaSluttyFeminist.com. Her mother bought her a vibrator when she was twelve, and that pretty much says it all.

Twitter: @slutty_feminist Instagram: @slutty_feminist_

Website: http://www.diaryofasluttyfeminist.com/


Rogue Machine Theatre, founded in 2008 is a performing arts organization that serves the greater Los Angeles community by developing and nurturing emerging playwrights, introducing important contemporary works to Southern California, and engaging diverse audiences by presenting vital, invigorating productions. Find out more at http://roguemachinetheatre.com/.